Sand Dollar

>>> Only accessible at low tide.

Sand Dollar is a large sandbar that offers the best hunting grounds for sand dollars. Located in the middle of the open water south of Bird Shoal, the shallow water surrounding Sand Dollar offers a safe swimming environment and a great location for shelling and sand dollar hunting.

This is a safe and fun adventure for the ‘little explorers’ in your family, but also fascinating place for adventurous adults. You never know what kind of unique and interesting wildlife you will discover while wading in the shallows of Sand Dollar.

There’s a good reason why many of our visitors return to Sand Dollar every year as a ‘must do’ part of their vacation!

Online reservations are required, or contact us with any questions. NO CARTS OR WAGONS PERMITTED. Please pack light.

What to Bring

We recommend you pack light. No carts or wagons. We recommend a bucket for sand dollar hunting. There are no trees or shade on Sand Dollar, so be sure to bring sunscreen.