Carrot Island

The ferry will drop you off at Carrot Island, which is part of the Rachel Carson Reserve, where you can spend an hour or the entire day enjoying the 1.1 mile trail looping through a variety of unique environments. Explore mudflats, uplands and salt marshes where over 200 species of birds, 52 species of fish, 47 species of invertebrates and more than 40 horses call home. Experience nature trails, horses, hiking and wildlife. This island connects to Bird Shoals where you can look for sand dollars.

This is any nature lover’s dream realized with a great environment for bird watching enthusiasts or nature photographers. Enjoy scenic nature trails, horses, hiking, exploring wildlife and much more.

Come prepared, there are lots of marsh areas. Wear shoes that can get muddy and always bring sunscreen and bug spray.

Reservations for Carrot Island are not required, however you can contact us today to make a one.


$10/ adults (ages 12 & up)
$5/ children (11 & under)